Patient Testimonials

We've been with Dr Richard since he opened. He's helped our family through two significant health issues and we continue to see him for acupuncture and health advice. We are lucky to have someone as compassionate and experienced in Claremont.




I am a distance runner and recently, I was advised to try some more holistic approaches to recovery and physical therapy. I was skeptical but thought I'd at least discuss treatment options with an expert before I went back to the foam roller. I met with Dr. Richard a few months back after finding out about Integrative Natural Health through a friends recommendation. After having a long discussion about his practice, I was convinced that Dr. Richard was a good man with a passion for holistic medicine.  

I've now had three different sessions Dr. Richard and I am very happy with my current performance and well being. I highly recommend this practice for other athletes!




I wanted to add that Dr Richard treated me throughout my pregnancy and it was so helpful. He is a wonderful listener and really focuses on a holistic approach. Highly recommend.




Integrative Natural Health is one of the most valuable assets in my "health tool chest." Dr. Richard is impressive in his depth of knowledge and his application of that knowledge in the healing process; he is truly an intuitive and caring person. My Acupuncture treatments always leave me with a sense of well being that carries me through the week. A few months ago he treated me twice (acupuncture) for tendinitis of the has not returned! I am truly impressed, as everything else (ice, massage, etc.) just gave me temporary relief.




Dr. Stacey Meisel is who I saw.  I was looking for a natural approach to healing some of my ailments.  She was able to see me right away.  No wait, she diagnosed me immediately and was able to treat me right away.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her school of thought has changed the way I look at medicine and my overall health.  I haven't been to an MD in years and don't plan on going to one ever again (if I don't have to).   I am unsure if they take insurance but their prices are reasonable, especially considering the time and effort she puts into the appointment.